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Deus Ex Adam Jensen Cosplay (via animexx-en)

breathing heavily

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The Arkh Project is such a great teacher.

  • Red dresses do not have any trouble from gravity.
  • Everyone wears prom dresses everywhere, which doesn’t shell out the idea that queer people are all crossdressers at all when you claim that’s what your point of interest is in the making of this game.
  • Curtains are purely for decoration, rather than to block out light.
  • Legs don’t exist under long dresses.
  • Fabric will only have pleats and will not curve when shaped along a body, another person or gravity.
  • Sitting on a persons’ bladder isn’t uncomfortable at all. Hugging them is.
  • No one will care about the quality if your anatomy as long as you’re drawing people of color or crossdressers.
  • Other ethnicities are basically recolors of white people.
  • Animu style chibis are very professional.
  • As is coloring outside the lines.
  • Capitalization isn’t a requirement.
  • The only thing standing in the way of this being a bad rehash of Loveless is that the opposite main character is female. If she loses her wings by having sex, tables will be flipped.
  • Only 10% of your body will be cast in shadow when you’re facing away from the sun.
  • This glorious quality that could be bettered by many doujinshi artists cost a whopping $5000.
  • I can’t be assed to continue, but the fact that the DeviantART page disabled comments says I’m not the only one who thinks this is all one big money wasting joke.

Well, I suppose this does give high hopes to starting artists; as long as you pick a controversial enough topic and sling around enough bullshit, you’ll rake in all the cash.

Soon, I’ll begin a game that will help lower the hatred towards non-straight furry Lolitas. I’ve already made several successful Furcadian maps ánd completed a 2 hour game on a J-RPG maker when I was 12, I should be qualified enough for the job. The total should cost me around $220,000 for character art, developing my own ‘battle system’ (battles will be replaced by yiffing, stitching and setting the perfect cup of tea, for the record) and hiring lesbian/bisexual/pansexual furry Lolitas. That’s not even including custom made sprites and portraits yet, let alone writing the story!

The game will be made on a Jazz Jackrabbit map maker to further encourage the furry aspect. I haven’t made any further concepts, but if you donate enough money, I will eventually get around to putting plenty of people on making this game happen*.

*please be noted that such a game will not be made by me and if you’re thinking of shelling out your money based on what i thought out in 5 minutes, feel free to contact me anyway because i could think of better ways to spend it.

Look at those faces. Look at that terrible lettering. THAT FONT. That atrocious panel design. THAT ATROCIOUS PANEL DESIGN. Those shallow manga-influences that aren’t even slight influences at this point, this is a fucking doujinshi!

Isn’t Haruka male-identifying? Dear god I’m confused.

And that’s how they meet? How deep!

As somebody who loves videogames but even more so comics and wants to draw those for a living, I’m at a loss of words and almost offended.

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I identify as a swedish Rapper.

Therefore, you are not in the position to critizise my mad rhymes without being terribly oppressive.

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what social justice is:
Archbishop Oscar Romero speaking out against human rights violations in his country of El Salvador during a civil war and advocating a policy of non-violence inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi, which got him ultimately assassinated

what social justice is not:
tattooing DIE CIS SCUM on yourself and telling people to check their privilege on tumblr 

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HOW are you going to try to preach Body Acceptance while you demonize the body type that you don’t have?



It’s virtually impossible to demonize people who meet the ideal image promoted by the media, medical industry, and practically every person out there. Thin people have privilege, they are automatically accepted just for being thin. Do you understand that fat people go through hell every day, and we’re supposed to feel sorry a thin girl was told to go eat a sandwich, while they’re handed practically everything to them just for being born with thin genes? 

I’m about 242 pounds am nearly considered to be obese by most doctors and I honestly don’t have to go through shit. Even if people do, that doesn’t actually really improve anyone’s confidence if you feel as though its justified to condemn the body type thats “privileged.” Body issues and negative self esteem isn’t restricted to a particular body type. 

I was overweight as a little child and bullied, I was underweight as a teenager and bullied. Also, there is no “thin gene”. Some people mentioned it in the reblogs already, but our digestive systems just deal with what we eat differently. However, in the end, our diets will take effect.

I’m a rather small guy, and thin. Though I dislike anecdotal evicence, well, my body-type, especially as a man, causes me a lot of problems. I’m just expected to be muscular (which would be more healthy, especially for my back, and which I’m working to achieve). I get laughed at by men and women alike, called gross, ugly and what have you. Gender expectations and stereotypes also get me a lot of “you aren’t a real man, are you?”, which I’d even get if I grew a beard as Karl Marx himself had it.

So I absolutely agree, body issues and negative self esteem aren’t restricted to a particular body type.

I personally are a firm believer that if we know we are unhealthy and want to change or better ourselves, we should do so, though, but still not shame people for how they are at the time given, while not perpetuating anything but health either.

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"words are meaningless
and forgettable"

Depeche Mode
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The ARKH webcomic is abysmal, storytelling-wise, art-wise (seeing how it goes with a game) and.. everything-wise.

Isn’t the level-system incredibly classist as well?

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Microfinance debt causes suicides 

First they were stripped of their utensils, furniture, mobile phones, televisions, ration cards and heirloom gold jewelry. Then, some of them drank pesticide. One woman threw herself in a pond. Another jumped into a well with her children.

Sometimes, the debt collectors watched nearby.

More than 200 poor, debt-ridden residents of Andhra Pradesh killed themselves in late 2010, according to media reports compiled by the government of the south Indian state. The state blamed microfinance companies — which give small loans intended to lift up the very poor — for fueling a frenzy of overindebtedness and then pressuring borrowers so relentlessly that some took their own lives.

The companies, including market leader SKS Microfinance, denied it.

However, internal documents obtained by The Associated Press, as well as interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees, independent researchers and videotaped testimony from the families of the dead, show top SKS officials had information implicating company employees in some of the suicides.

An independent investigation commissioned by the company linked SKS employees to at least seven of the deaths. A second investigation commissioned by an industry umbrella group that probed the role of many microfinance companies did not draw conclusions but pointed to SKS involvement in two more cases that ended in suicide. Neither study has been made public.

I have read about this quite a while back, and, while shocking, it isn’t surprising.

(reblogging this also as a reminder to read further into it again, like the actual link provided, though the dilemma is as easy to understand as disgusting.)

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People on here are complaining about Bayonetta’s proportions and poses the same way they are voicing (not always, but often) legitimate complaints with the poses and outfits some comic artists give their heroines aso., therefore disregarding the point of the game’s hypersexualization which is so over the top it becomes obvious that it’s all not to be taken seriously and absolutely intentional. Lollipop Chainsaw will obviously be a game in the same vein, yet there are complaints about the main character already, even by fans of older Grasshope Manufacture games who should be used to the over the top style that can’t and shouldn’t be taken seriously (see: Shadow of the Damned where the talking gun’s one big dick joke, various elements from the No more Heroes series, especially Silvia, the actual point of the first game being to get laid, how you recharge your lightsaber and the like).

This bothers me. Especially if people make assumptions from mainly promo-pictures or fanart, not even a trailer or demo. Best would be, however, to actually play those games.

Let’s take Bayonetta, for example (one of the few games I’ve actually beaten multiple times)- Her 3D model is 11 to 12 heads long, with her legs grotesquely elongated and her proportions therefore being utter nonsense. However, this is a stylistic choice to go with the over-the-top style of “sexy” that can be compared to Devil May Cry’s over-the-top “cool” style. It’s incredibly silly, really, and plays with a lot of clishees.

That the people complaining haven’t played the game, by the way, becomes obvious from them wondering about the guns on her shoes, or rather whether “those are really guns on her shoes”. Yes they are, except for when you equip a different secondary weapon, like the Durgas (which are the best anyway, Durga/Durga is an awesome combo), which makes for interesting gameplay in a genre in which it seems to have become a tradition to go over the top and insane.

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